BOOK, WILD FOR HORSES, Workman Publishing - 50 Pages, 24 Posters, 24 Collectible Cards

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Paperback with posters and collectible cards

From the editors of Storey Publishing

This one-of-a-kind book of horse posters and flash cards is packed with stunning images and essential information. Two dozen posters of all-time favorite breeds like Arabian, Shetland Pony, and Lipizzan show off the beauty of these majestic creatures, and kids can show them off, too: these pull-out pages are ready to hang on a bedroom wall, with two additional 12 x 30 posters that capture horses’ grandeur. Finally, each of the 24 punch-out flash cards include a pocketsize photo and fun facts. Filled with ready-to-hang images and portable breed profiles, this unique package offers total immersion for horse-loving kids (and adults, too). 

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