BOOK, THE FAMILY BUTTERFLY BOOK, Workman Publishing - 176 Pages

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Dimensions: 8.53 x 10.88 inches

Author: Rick Mikula

Offering 40 fun projects that include building butterfly habitats, feeding butterflies by hand, and incorporating live butterflies into special celebrations, Rick Mikula encourages the whole family to get involved in exploring the exciting and colorful world of butterflies. Providing a comprehensive overview of the butterfly lifecycle and close-up photography of 40 North American species, this guide teaches families everything they need to know to identify, care for, and raise these beautiful and fascinating insects. 

Rick Mikula is known as the grandfather of butterfly farming. He owns Hole-in-Hand Butterfly Farm and serves as a habitat consultant for museums, zoos, aviaries, universities, and parks, including Dolly Parton’s Butterfly Emporium at Dollywood and the Hershey Gardens Butterfly House. He gives hundreds of lectures and workshops every year, and his work has been featured in newspapers and magazines, and on television and radio programs around the world.