BOOK, CHEAPSKATE'S HANDBOOK, Workman Publishing - 272 Pages

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Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches

Author: Mifflin Lowe

Packed with hilarious observations, unusual tips, and the stingiest advice money couldn’t buy, The Cheapskate’s Handbook is the perfect gag gift for your favorite miser—who might just be you. Skinflint Mifflin Lowe invites fellow cheapskates to come out of the closet in a celebration of all things free, complimentary, pro bono, and if need be, cheap. The bestselling book offers advice on everything from avoiding generous impulses to creatively bumming off your neighbors, as well as delightful watercolor illustrations, photographs, and Mifflin’s own "Miser’s Aptitude Test."

Author, singer, songwriter, and musician Mifflin Lowe is the author of six books, which have sold over 300,000 copies in 4 languages. These include a children's poetry book, Beasts By The Bunches, and the adult humor books, I Hate Fun and How To Be A Celebrity.