BOOK, THE SOUL SUPPORT BOOK, Workman Publishing - 112 Pages

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Dimensions: 5.28 x 6.98 inches

Author: Deb Koffman 

The Soul Support Book is a wise meditation on getting unstuck when it comes to your creative projects, your relationships, and your life. Full of encouragement and reminders that everyone could use a little help now and then, Deb Koffman’s cartoons pair colorful and whimsical illustrations with funny, joyful, inspiring and poignant text. 

In 1988 Deb Koffman changed her life completely, giving up an urban life in which she worked in an advertising agency to move to a small town in western New England. She loves to work on all scales—from doodling on a small piece of paper to painting a cartoon that will cover an entire wall. This is her first book.