BOOK, BACKYARD ADVENTURE, Workman Publishing - 160 Pages

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Dimensions: 8 x 9.9 inches

Author: Amanda Thomsen

The backyard has long been a space associated with recreation and relaxation, a private patch of earth to escape to, and a springboard for the imagination. Drawn from her personal experience as a mother, gardener, and author, Amanda Thomsen encourages kids to create kingdoms of their own making, right in their own backyards. With whimsical projects for every season and any setting, from forest to pavement, fun-seeking kids and their families will rediscover the yard as a place for inspired play, using repurposed materials and existing features of outdoor spaces. This can be anything from creating tiny gardens inhabited by action figures, to weaving secret hideaways out of looms of twine and twigs, to setting sidewalk cracks on fire with Coffeemate.

Amanda Thomsen also authored Kiss My Aster, and she is a mom, Girl Scout troop leader, garden maker, and self-described adventure planner and rule breaker.