BOOK, MY SILLY BODY AND BOOK, Workman Publishing - 64 Pages

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Board book

Dimensions: 8 x 8 inches

Authors: Paul Hanson and Eric Nagourney

My Silly Body offers a fresh, hands-on approach to engage children in just what it is that so fascinates them about their bodies—from the organs, to the bones, to the funny noises they make after eating too many beans. The book's main feature is its full-size, full-color illustrated cardboard cut-out with lift-and-learn flaps on one side that reveal organs, bloodstream, nerves, and muscles. Flip the figure over, and it's like looking at a perfect X ray—from the skull to the small bones in the toes and fingers. Accompanying this is a 64-page illustrated "owner's manual."

Paul Hanson is the author of My Granny's PurseMy Grandpa's Briefcase, and My Mommy's Tote, and is a father of three. 

Eric Nagourney is a health writer for The New York Times and the father of two young children.