BOMBAY LENTILS MEAL POUCH, Saffron Road - 1 10-oz pouch *SALE* Reg. $4.39

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Shelf Stable until opened. This delicious vegan recipe features slow-cooked black gram lentils (dal) simmered with tomatoes, red beans and exotic Indian spices to create an authentic and memorable meal for any occasion.

Microwave Ready in 60 seconds
Non-GMO *
Gluten Free **
Halal ***
Kosher *****

Journey to Better World Cuisine
At Saffron Road, we make great meals easy with dishes that are ready in just minutes. These Indian masterpieces are perfect for anyone who loves exotic flavors from around the world. These vegan dishes are delicious on their own or paired with rice or naan. The heatable pouches reduce waste and require less energy to manufacture, process, transport and store which minimizes the carbon footprint it leaves.

NON-GMO CERTIFIED, Gluten-Free GFCO, Ifanca Halal Product, Kosher Inspection Service - India

* Certificate ID C-406468-2022 - Issue Date 11/10/2022

** Certificate ID 77833 - Issue Date 9/31/2022

*** Document No. AME. 5830. M. 230052. US - Issue Date 3/2/2023

**** India Certificate GF082022MR - Issue Date 8/1/2022