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Ages 3 years and up. Set includes a wheelbarrow, watering can, spade, 4 vegetable beds and removable vegetables

This Plan Toys Dollhouse Vegetable Garden will inspire your child's green thumb! This clever set features four miniature planting beds with removable carrots, radishes, turnips, and cauliflower for harvesting. A wheelbarrow, shovel, and watering can are included for more gardening fun.

Sustainably made using chemical-free rubberwood, formaldehyde-free glue, organic pigments and water-based dyes.
Materials: rubberwood
Dimensions: 11 cm X 7 cm X 8 cm

Plan Toys focuses on sustainability and child development as its top priorities. With a focus on child safety and age milestones during the design and production of all their wooden toys, they ensure each toy helps to enhance both physical and cognitive development. Each toy is built to last. Plan Toys is more than just a toy manufacturer. It intentionally considers every step of production to minimize environmental impact. This mission is implemented through the three pillars of PlanToys' business, our “Sustainable Way.” These include Sustainable Materials, Sustainable Manufacturing, and Sustainable Minds.

Plan Toys is passionate about bettering our communities and children. We hope that your little ones grow in their ability to imagine and create with wooden toys, grow closer to nature, better understand the importance of a green lifestyle and successfully develop along the way.