SPARKLETTES, BRITES - Sparklers for all occasions, Tops Malibu - 1 Tube of 8 sparklers *SALE* Reg. $12.49

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Add life to the party! Packaged in brilliantly vibrant colors, Sparklettes add flair to every occasion by emitting a golden sprinkling of sparkles. These sparkle candles are also beautiful as table top decor, party favors, or hostess gifts. Clean burning. Handmade by artisans in the USA. 

Sparklettes Brites are sold per individual tube. 8 eight-inch party sparklers per tube. (Adult supervision required.) Choose color of Tube.

How to light: Direct lighter* at top of sparkler and hold flame steady. A sparkler can light quickly or take up to 50 seconds to sparkle. Matches and pocket lighters may not work and are not advisable. *Easiest to light with a long handled butane lighter (BBQ wand).

Adult supervision always.  Light one sparkler at a time. Hold in hand with arm extended away from body. Do not touch glowing rod. Keep hot sparklers away from apparel and other flammable materials. After use, place sparkler in water. Does not contain chlorates, perchlorates or magnesium.

Give them as a gift, wrap on your package, cake topper, or party decor. Make a GRAND statement the next time you celebrate!

Decorate cakes and sweets, pass out as party favors and make a special wish. WOW your guests with golden sparkles! Our sparklers are of the highest quality, cleanest burning sparklers in the world, leaving no black smoke or residue behind.

Handmade by artisans in the USA

What's Included
• 1 Deluxe Brites Tube
• 10 sparklers per tube

Product Specifications
• Sparkler Size: 10" tall
• Tube Size: 12"

Additional Information
• Sold individually
• Clean burning sparkles
• Adult supervision required