SPARKLER CARD, Let's Celebrate Star, Tops Malibu - EACH

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A Sparkler Card for all occasions! Light the sparkler and watch as sparks fly. "To:" and "From:" on the back of each card. Choose color of the card. All sparklers are gold colored.

Star sparklers are 4" tall. Sparkler cards are sold individually. Handmade by artisans in the USA. 

Fix sparkler in a secure place (like in a cake or stick in an unlit candle). Make a wish and light sparkler. Watch the sparks fly as you light up the sky. May your dreams come true!

How to light: Direct lighter* at top of sparkler and hold flame steady. A sparkler can light quickly or take up to 50 seconds to sparkle. Matches and pocket lighters may not work and are not advisable. *Easiest to light with a long handled butane lighter (BBQ wand).

Adult supervision always. For outdoor use. Light one sparkler at a time. Hold in hand with arm extended away from body. Do not touch glowing rod. Keep hot sparklers away from apparel and other flammable materials. After use, place sparkler in water. Does not contain chlorates, perchlorates or magnesium.