SODA, HONEYCOMB CIDER, Green Bee - 4 pack (4 12 fl oz glass bottles)

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4 12-ounce bottles. Price includes bottle deposit of 20 cents. Maine Apple Cider lightly sweentened sweetened with Green Bee's honey.

Our honeycomb cider soda is a tribute to hard working pollinators. Every apple on every tree starts out as a blossom. Without pollination, no apple would grow.

We partnered with local farmers to use only the freshest pressed cider available. Taste our commitment to real ingredients in every sip and feel good knowing that every bottle helps support farmers, beekeepers, and honeybees.

130 calories per bottle
Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Apple Cider, Honey, Cinnamon, Citric Acid (non-GMO).

Brewer's Notes: Mixes well with spiced rum preferably off of an ice luge.

Learn more about Brunswick ME's Green Bee here.