SODA, HONEY BLUEBERRY, Green Bee - 4 pack

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4 12-ounce bottles. Price includes bottle deposit of 20 cents

The idea for this "True Taste of Maine" came to us in a dream. We source our Wild Blueberries directly from the fields of Maine. Using an old Italian wine press we ensure only the freshest juice goes into each bottle. To complete the dream, we add a touch of honey and a hint of steeped fresh Ginger. 

One day while collecting honey from our beehives, I thought: why can’t we turn soda into something more Real and Natural? 

110 calories per bottle

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Wild Blueberry Juice, Honey, Ginger, Citric Acid (non-GMO).

From Brunswick ME. Green Bee's story: "The word SODA in most households is a bad word. Our house was no different. As a father to three young children, SODA had always been something I've avoided despite the best negotiating tactics of my kids." Real ingredients. Real flavor. No shortcuts. The difference is REAL.

Brewer's Notes: No feet were used in the pressing of these blueberries.