SHRIMP, UNCOOKED PEELED TAIL-ON, MEDIUM SIZED, ASC Certified Henry and Lisa's - 8 oz Frozen

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Sustainable uncooked all natural white shrimp! Henry & Lisa's Natural White Shrimp are grown in a state of the art aquaculture facility in Ecuador. The eco-friendly farm utilizes crystal-clear river water direct from the Andes Mountains. Naturally raised according to European organic standards without chemicals, antibiotics, genetic modifications or pollution. Great for shrimp cocktail, salads, pasta dishes or on the grill. We believe you’ll find these shrimp to be the best tasting and healthiest shrimp you will ever eat!

Henry & Lisa's Natural Shrimp comes from an ASC certified environmentally responsible farm.
For more information, download Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood information sheet.

EcoFish's retail products are all frozen, because our frozen seafood is fresher than fresh. We lock in peak freshness at the point of catch. Quick frozen with the latest freezing technology and vacuum packed usually within hours of harvest, you can't find better quality seafood. Please see our Seafood Quality page, to learn more our freezing process and about why our seafood is the best available.
Some of the nation's top chefs use EcoFish, and what we offer you is cut from the exact same fish — white tablecloth restaurant quality. Some people say our seafood is pricey — we say you get what you pay for. Comparing our seafood to other proteins of high quality (organic or free-range beef, pork, poultry lamb, etc.), you'll find we are very price competitive.