MOCHI, STRAWBERRY MOCHI ICE CREAM, Local Mochidoki - 5 oz *SALE* REG. $9.19

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Poppable, delicious and fun, these indulgent hand-held treats are the perfect dessert or snack for any time of day.  This Japanese-inspired delicacy is made by wrapping premium ice cream in a thin layer of chewy mochi rice cake. This combination creates a uniquely chewy and decadent experience that is simply irresistible. Strawberry puree brings out the vibrant sweetness of the berries. Bursting with the bright flavor and sweet fragrance of real strawberries. This brilliantly colored fruit is most flavorful when picked at peak freshness. The natural fragrance and juicy sweetness of ripe strawberries pair beautifully with smooth, rich ice cream.

Mochidoki is a nationally renowned, New York-based, mochi ice cream company, best-known for our imaginative and refined Japanese-inspired desserts. Decadent, creamy, eyes-rolled-back delicious, ice cream. MochiDoki uses only the finest ingredients, such as hazelnuts from the Piedmont region in Italy, ceremonial grade matcha from Japan, semi-sweet chocolate from Zurich, to ensure quality and taste. Our ice cream wizards transform these premium ingredients into delectable flavors both classic and unique.


Ice Cream: miilk, cream, sugar, skim milk, strawberries, tapioca syrup, locust bean gum, guar gum

Mochi: sugar, rice flour, water, vanilla extract, salt, beet extract (color), calcium sulfate, enzymes

Contains: milk