GIN-GINS HARD CANDY, Ginger People, 3 oz Packaged

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Double Strength Ginger People Gin-Gins Hard Candy.

Approx. 30pieces. .18 lb

Made with Fresh Ginger.

All Natural • Gluten Free

12 Calories per Piece

Take Gin Gins with you wherever you go and enjoy them as spicy-sweet pick-me-ups. These tiny pulses of sweet heat will freshen your breath naturally while delivering the unique warmth and soothing goodness of ginger. Gin Gins are comforting travel companions with the perfect amount of ginger oomph! Enjoy them as a natural hard candy or drop two or three in a cup along with any tea bag.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, ginger. this product is made in a facility that also processes peanuts and other tree nuts.