CINNAMON STICKS, 6 inch, Korintje, Frontier - 2 oz

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Conventional (Not Organic). Korintje Cinnamon, Cinnamomum burmannii, is a cassia type of cinnamon that comes from Indonesia.

Cinnamon falls into one of two primary categories: Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon. There are numerous similarities between the two. Both are harvested from the bark of a tree into a form that curls, known as sticks.

Korintje cinnamon is the basic spice that most people use. Vietnamese cinnamon is also cassia and is much stronger flavor and taste. Ceylon cinnamon, also known as true cinnamon, is  more expensive and a harder to find type of cinnamon. Ceylon has a lighter, sweeter flavor and is the preferred type of cinnamon in Europe and Mexico. People using cinnamon for medicinal purposes should use Ceylon as the cassia type is hard on the body and has less of the medicinal qualities.

Cinnamon sticks add fragrant spice and aromatic appeal to hot beverages and are used in sweet and savory dishes alike. Add these cassia cinnamon sticks to ciders, cocoa, coffee, or as a decoration in your kitchen.