CANDLE, LOVE, BEESWAX PILLAR, Sunbeam Candles, 3" X 4"

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Love is the universal language! The perfect gift for a friend or sweetheart.. A rich, luxurious pure beeswax delight.  100% pure beeswax, non-toxic eco-friendly dyes and an unbleached, lead-free cotton wick.

Burn Time: 80 hours    Color: Red.

Each of our ten Manifestation candles has a unique theme and a beautiful deep color, featuring a hand-drawn label with original artwork. Manifestation Aromatherapy Pillars contain a delicate blend of 100% pure beeswax, essential oils, eco-friendly dyes and a lead-free cotton wick. They burn beautifully and are available in a 3″ x 4″ pillar size. Light up your life and space with a Manifestation from Sunbeam!