BREAD, SOURDOUGH, Rocky Mountain ORGANIC Rudi's - 22 oz

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Organic Sourdough Hamburger Buns. No High-Fructose Corn Syrup. No Trans Fat. No Saturated Fat. No Cholesterol.

When you make sourdough this good, it turns into a classic. Fermented for 24 hours to develop that quintessential tang, our Rocky Mountain Sourdough is packed with organic goodness that elevates sandwiches from “ho-hum” to “wowzah”.s.

Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, water, organic dehydrated rye sourdough (organic fermented rye flour, salt), organic whole wheat flour, sea salt, yeast, organic distilled white vinegar, organic barley malt syrup*, organic sunflower oil, organic wheat gluten, cultured organic wheat starch, enzymes. *Adds a trivial amount of sugar

Contains: Gluten, Wheat.

Vegan • No artificial preservatives •non-GMO • Dairy free

Small Batch Breads Since 1976.

Organic •Vegan • 0g Sugar per serving* • Non-GMO • No Artificial Preservatives