BREAD, MULTIGRAIN OAT, Organic, Rudi's - 22 oz Loaf, Frozen

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Rudi's Multigrain Oat bread is made with starter yeast and utilizes a lengthy fermentation process. This process, along with the highest quality organic ingredients, yields bread with soft texture and rich flavor. No High-Fructose Corn Syrup. No Trans Fat. No Saturated Fat. No Cholesterol. Low Fat. Small Batch Breads Since 1976.

Great Taste Takes Time. This bread is allowed to rise slowly to let each individual loaf develop its own wonderul flavor, texture and fullness.

An all-around great oat bread. Dense enough to hold up to the heartiest of sandwiches. Perfect with roasted chicken or grilled salmon. If you grew up on a farm, this is the bread you remember waking up to!

Ingredients: organic wheat flour, water, organic whole Wheat flour, organic cane sugar, organic rolled oats, organic wheat gluten, organic sunflower oil, yeast, organic distilled white vinegar, organic oat fiber, sea salt, organic cornmeal, organic wheat bran, cultured organic wheat starch, enzymes. (CONTAINS GLUTEN and WHEAT)