BOOK, WORCESTER, VOL II, Images of America - 128 Pages

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Author: Barton Kemp

In Worcester Volume II, local author and historian Barton Kamp invites you to further explore the history of the city during the period from 1890 to 1930. Discover Lower Front Street, Salisbury Street, and Newton Square as they were at the turn of the century. See how the residents lived—from those in the well-to-do mansion at 23 Chestnut Street, to the workers in the triple-decker on Cambridge Street, and to the wandering souls in the hotels and rooming houses like the Devens.

In this volume Kamp brings forth several previously unpublished photographs, including images of Beatrice Gloucester's candy shop, Goodale's Airship, Mrs. Kimball's School for Girls, and elephants marching down Main Street in an old-fashioned circus parade. Mr. Kamp also relives several tragic moments in Worcester history, from the train wreck at Barber's Crossing to the Park (Franklin) Street and Knowles building fires that leveled Notre Dame Church and nearly destroyed the beautiful downtown.