BOOK, GREATER BOSTON'S BLIZZARD OF 1978, Images of America - 128 pages

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Author: Alan R. Earls, Introduction by Gov. Michael S. Dukakis.

The great blizzard of 1978 is an event seared in the memory of anyone who lived through it. Most of Greater Boston was quickly overwhelmed by the storm, which shut down all forms of transit, stranded thousands of cars and motorists along Route 128, and virtually shut down most of the state for a week. But for many coastal communities, the impact of the storm, which brought record high tides and pounding surf, was pure devastation. The common thread shared by almost everyone in the region was positive memories of neighbors and strangers helping each other and finding new bonds of community. Greater Boston's Blizzard of 1978, illustrated with approximately 200 photographs from government archives and private collections, brings alive the fading experiences of February 1978 for those who were there and those who can only imagine.

Alan R. Earls, a Boston-area writer, was one of those who managed to drive home through the worst of the blizzard. His previous books for Arcadia Publishing include Route 128 and the Birth of the Age of High Tech, Digital Equipment Corporation, U.S. Army Natick Laboratories: The Science Behind the Soldier, and Watertown Arsenal. He also coauthored Raytheon: The First Sixty Years and Polaroid. Michael S. Dukakis, the Democratic candidate for president in 1988, was in the midst of the first of his three terms as Massachusetts governor when the blizzard struck. He currently teaches at Northeastern University.