BOOK, THE TROUBLE WITH REALITY, Workman Publishing - 96 Pages

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Author: Brooke Gladstone

Reality, as award-winning radio show host Brooke Gladstone shows us, was never what we thought it was—there is always a bubble, people are always subjective and prey to stereotypes. And that makes reality actually more vulnerable than we ever thought. Enter Donald J. Trump and his team of advisors. For them, as she writes, lying is the point. The more blatant the lie, the easier it is to hijack reality and assert power over the truth. Drawing on writers as diverse as Hannah Arendt, Walter Lippmann, Philip K. Dick, and Jonathan Swift, the author dissects this strategy, and shows how the Trump team mastered it, down to the five types of tweets Trump uses to distort notions of what’s real and what’s not. But she also offers hope, and shows why so many didn't see it coming, and how we can recover both our belief in reality—and our sanity. 

Brooke Gladstone is the co-host and editor of the Peabody Award–winning radio show and podcast On the Media from WNYC Studios, heard by more than a million people each week. She’s also author of The Influencing Machine, a comic book treatise on two millennia of media madness.