BOOK, THE ROAD NOT TAKEN, Workman Publishing - 32 Pages

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Based on the legendary poem by Robert Frost

Illustrated by Vivian Mineker

Hailed by The New York Times Book Review as "a book that begs rereading," this illustrated companion is inspired by Robert Frost's perennial poem. Illustrations of a young boy journeying through a yellow wood accompany the original text of the poem. When a fork in the road arises for the boy, so too does the first of life's many choices. And as the poem progresses, so does the boy's life: college, career, marriage, family, loss, and, by journey's end, the sweet satisfaction of a life fully lived. 

Vivian Mineker is a Taiwanese American illustrator. Her process usually starts with watercolor and colored pencils and finishes on the computer for fine details and adjustments.