BOOK, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY BUTT, Workman Publishing - 224 Pages

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Dimensions: 5.1 x 6.6 inches

Author: Martin Bruckner

We just can’t get enough of the funny stuff kids say: "I’m training to be a wolf"; "I need a tissue to wipe my feelings"; "I only love you at the toy store"; "Dad, please wipe the bum of this beautiful princess." Artist and "Everydad" Martin Bruckner recorded the sayings of his daughter, Harper, using each as inspiration for a work of art. After posting them on social media, other parents sought him out to transform their own children’s funny words into artwork. Collected here are 100 mini-posters, plus the occasional backstory. 

Martin Bruckner is the creator of the viral blog Spaghetti Toes. His work has been featured on sites such as the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and the Daily Mail, and he has partnered with, Charmin, and Disney. Bruckner is creative director at Wes and Willy, an upscale boys clothing company, and he also founded Creatureland Studio, where he reimagines children’s drawings as full-color computer-generated artwork.