BOOK, LITTLE BOOK OF BIG BRAIN GAMES, Workman Publishing - 440 Pages

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Dimensions: 4.06 x 6 inches

Author: Ivan Moscovich

Can you cross the Impossible Domino Bridge? Break through the Queen’s Standoff? Wield the Sickle of Archimedes? 

The Little Book of Big Brain Games: 517 Ways to Stretch, Strengthen and Grow Your Brain is a pocket-sized" brain gym." It features more than 500 full-color puzzles from the original Big Book of Brain Games—mental games, visual challenges, logic posers, riddles, and illusions, each designed to stretch neurons and give the brain a workout—and all in a format that will fit in your pocket. The puzzles are both originals and adaptations of classics, and are rated in difficulty from level one to ten.

Ivan Moscovich is an internationally known and acclaimed inventor, puzzler, and artist. He has designed award-winning toys for Mattel, Kenner, Childcraft, Ravensburger, Binary Arts, and other companies, and is the author of the MindGames series and other books.