BOB ROSS JOY OF PAINTING MAGNETIC SET, Works on any magnetic surface, Unemployed Philosphers - 1 set

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The fridge is your canvas - also your locker - and so is the file cabinet at work! Happy little trees... happy little clouds... Joy of Painting Magnetic Play Set comes complete with an easel, paints, brushes, and elements you can add to three different canvases - a mountain lake, an alpine snowscape, and a serene forest waterfall.

Now you can dress the gentle art icon with fun 80s-era fashions and accessories. Surround Bob Ross with animal friends and bring calm to your kitchen or your office. Show everyone your "magnet-on-metal" painting technique!

Includes two sheets of clothes and wardrobe accessories measuring approximately 7.5" x 12" each.
Dozens of pieces for nearly limitless options. Play on your refrigerator or on a locker or any other metal surface.