PUPPET, SCREAM MAGNETIC-Unemployed Philosophers Guild

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Edvard Munch Scream Plush Finger Puppet and Refrigerator Magnet - Toy for Kids or Adults 

The horror! The existential anguish! A Scream magnetic finger puppet!

On your finger it's a puppet! Our mini hand puppets are great for storytelling, puppet theater, class, mock debates, or thumb wrestling matches. Also great for gift bags, baskets stockings, etc.

On your fridge it's a magnet! Adorn yours (or your locker, or other metal surface) with the most influential minds of all time. We make over 100 different puppets of your favorite artists, philosophers, scientists, writers, and pop-culture icons.

Each collectible puppet is 4" tall and comes with a removable tag with a portrait, quotes, and achievements list. They're educational, and often used by teachers in school classrooms for learning exercises!