ROAST, Hazelnut & Cranberry Roast en Croute, Field Roast, 32 oz Frozen

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Plant-based Vegan Roast with Hazelnuts and Cranberries. Stuffed with Rosemary, Candied Ginger, & Vegan Sausage

Contains: Wheat, Gluten and Hazelnuts

Our Hazelnut & Cranberry Plant-Based Roast is crafted with rich hazelnuts, sweet candied ginger and fragrant rosemary for a satisfying and bold flavor profile. It’s seasoned to perfection and wrapped in a flaky puff pastry—ideal for holidays, personal celebrations or Sunday indulgence.

Field Roast uses rich, hazelnut-infused grain-based "meat" stuffed with crystallized ginger, rosemary, and apples, and wrapped in a showstopping puff pastry. With real, flavorful ingredients and a great texture, the Vegan Hazelnut & Cranberry Roast en Croute is a bake-and-enjoy winner.

Ingredients: hazelnut & cranberry roast: filtered water, vital wheat gluten, expeller pressed safflower oil, cranberries, crystallized ginger (ginger, cane sugar), roasted hazelnuts, wheat protein isolate, yeast extract, barley malt extract, whole wheat pastry flour, granulated garlic, unsulfured dried apples, onion powder, yellow pea flour, ginger juice (ginger, citric acid), sesame oil, spices, lemon juice concentrate, sea salt, tomato paste, garlic, natural smoke flavor (torula yeast, smoke flavor), rubbed sage, rosemary, natural liquid smoke flavor; puff pastry: unbleached wheat flour, organic expeller pressed palm fruit oil, filtered water, salt, citric acid. Contains: wheat, tree nuts.