FOOD WRAP, VEGAN WAX, REUSABLE, Local Bee's Wrap - 3 Pack Assorted

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This Bee's Wrap Vegan Plant-Based Food Storage 3-pack comes with one small (7x8"), one medium (10x11"), and one large (13x14") in a pleasing meadow magic pattern.

Vegan Bee’s Wrap is the perfect alternative to plastic wrap, and it can be used to hold your food for storage, lunches, and even on-the-go snacking. It’s made from 100% plant-based ingredients, including candelilla wax, soy wax, organic coconut oil, and tree resin. Plus, it’s biodegradable, compostable and BPA-free.

Bee's Wrap is a Certified B-Corp business, based in Vermont where the product is made.

GOTS-certified organic cotton
Candelilla wax
Soy wax
Organic coconut oil
Tree resin

To reuse: After use, wash in cool water with mild dish soap. Let them air dry. Store to use another day. Once they are finally worn out after many uses, compost them in your backyard composter!