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MODGY Expandable Flower Vase Plastic Decorative Modern Vases

Translucent plastic vases are stored flat in reusable sleeve. Fill with water and they stand up straight, strong enough to hold a bouquet. Stable, reusable, and attractive for use anywhere you need a vase: indoors or outdoors, for weddings, events, and travel. Choose from the following designs: Carolina Parakeet (Audubon), Iris Landscape (Tiffany), Magnolia Landscape (Tiffany), Dragonfly (Tiffany), Magnolia Landscape (Tiffany),  Each about 10" high, 6" wide in use.

  • EXPANDABLE VASES – Modgy Expandable and Collapsible Vases for flowers are plastic flower vases that unlike a glass flower vase will not collect dust, chip, or break.
  • STABLE – With a simple addition of water, it blossoms into a stunning flower vase for real flowers. Say goodbye to the fragility of glass vases.
  • MODERN VASE DESIGNS – The Modgy vase features bold, modern designs, a must-have if you cherish art. The printed vase will add a pop of color to any space and delight all art enthusiasts.
  • VERSATILE DECOR – With its timeless design and endless possibilities as flower vases for centerpieces for wedding, tables, and more, these vases are sure to become a cherished part of your decor collection.