TOP, WOODEN Flip Top Style, Maple Landmark

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Tops are a fun novelty as an anytime gift or stocking stuffer! Who can spin one the longest? Can you make it flip?

Hardwood Flip Tops will flip right over onto their stem if you spin them fast enough. These tops are not recommended for kids under six as they haven't yet developed the proper dexterity to get the tops to work. Flip Tops measure approximately 1-1/4" diameter by 1-3/4" tall.

Ages 7 years and up. Choking Hazzard for under 3 years due to size.

Color: Choose red, blue or green.

Weight 0.3 lbs

Dimensions 1.2" x 1.2" x 1.6"

Finish: Dye Stain Urethane (For more on materials and product safety, visit )

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