TOP CHALKS 6 pack, 2 white, 4 colors

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Professional-Quality All-Purpose Fine-Tip Liquid Chalk Ink Pens - Includes Blue, Green, Purple, Red and 2 x White

Long Lasting and Quick Drying - Get the Look of Chalk Without the Dust & Smudging

Erasable on Non-Porous Materials (Chalk Tops, Glass Metal, Dry-Erase Surfaces), Permanent on Porous Materials (Chalkboard, Paper, Wood, Cloth)

Non-Toxic - 100% Water Based. No Dust, Fumes or Harsh Chemicals; Safe Around Children and Animals

Fun and Practical - Perfect for Crafting and DYI Projects, Teaching, Kid's Crafts, Office Brainstorming, Café, Pub and Bistro Menus, Window Decorating, Personal Messages & Reminders ... The Possibilities Are Endless