TOMATOES, SUN-DRIED, Non-GMO, Delallo - 4 oz Glass Jar

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Delallo Sun-Dried Tomatoes are sweet, sun-kissed and grown in Puglia, Italy, an ideal region for growing and drying tomatoes. Packed in oil and marinated with a careful blend of fresh herbs and spices—ready for serving as a traditional Southern Italian antipasto or using in a number of kitchen recipes.

Ingredients: Sun-dried tomatoes, Exra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Oregano, White Wine Vingegar.

Grown and harvested in Puglia Italy.
Naturally sun-dried
All natural, no added sulfites, Non-GMO
Packed in extra virgin olive oil and lightly marinated with a blend of fresh herbs.
Delicate, not chewy texture.
Kitchen and Usage Tips:

Sun-Dried Tomatoes are the perfect party platter component, alongside meats, cheeses, olives and gourmet toasts and a sunny-sweet addition to salads, sandwiches, wraps, dips, pizzas, flatbreads and pasta. They pair well with cream sauces, gnocchi and chicken.

Save the oil! As there are a number of ways to use it. A few are listed below:

Make a pasta sauce
Saute chicken
Toss with roasted veggies
Make a vinaigrette or marinade
Use as a drizzle to finish a soup