BOOK, SOUTHBRIDGE, Arcadia Pub. - 128 Pages, 200 Images

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Author: Southbridge Historical Society, John Moore and Steven Brady

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

Welcome to Southbridge, the "Eye of the Commonwealth," as it appeared from 1835 to 1955. Incorporated in 1816, Southbridge is comprised of land once part of the towns of Charlton, Dudley, and Sturbridge. The town's first settler was James Deneson, who came to the area in 1730 and spent a short time in a rock shelter just south of the Quinebaug River before building a dwelling for himself and his family. By 1732, more pioneers had arrived, and Moses Marcy set up sawmill operations downstream from the Deneson farm. Marcy's sawmill was just a hint of the industry that prospered in the town over the next two hundred years. Southbridge presents historical images of the town as it grew and thrived during and after the Industrial Revolution, from the Globe Manufacturing Company to the world-renowned American Optical Company. Southbridge is defined not only by its industrial past. Equally important are the images of the commerce, agriculture, and everyday life of its people.

John Moore and Steven Brady, both of the Southbridge Historical Society, compiled the material presented in this book from the superb collections of the Southbridge Historical Society and the Jacob Edwards Library, as well as private collections.