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Put your best foot forward with Maggie's Organics' Classic Crew Socks! Made from sustainably grown and harvested GOTS Certified organic cotton, these year-round mid-weight socks feature a gently snug fit, plus a mid-calf non-elastic comfort top that keeps your socks up without restricting. 

Our best-selling mid-calf organic cotton crew socks available in special tri-packs! Perfect for both men and women, for dress or casual. Comfortable, durable. Year-round mid-weight.  Since 1992, all cotton socks proudly knit and dyed in the USA
98% organic cotton/1% nylon/1% spandex, or 92% organic cotton/6.4% nylon/1.6% spandex

Machine wash warm, medium dry
Our one-of-a-kind Real Fair Trade pledge is our promise to treat people, materials, and products with care and love.

 Maggie's All Gender Sock Sizing.
Women's Shoe 5 1/2 - 9 is Medium, 10 - 13 is Large, 13 - 15 is XLarge.
Men's Shoe 4 - 8 is Medium, 8 - 12 is Large and 12 - 14 is XLarge.

SORRY - Socks are not returnable. They are also NOT Taxed in Massachusetts.