RAISINS, JUMBO FLAME, ORGANIC Bulk, 5 lbs ($3.14/lb)

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Best by 12/2023. $3.14/lb. Five pound bag is 10% less per pound than the 1 pound item. Bulk product. Repacked by TipTop. You get great prices because you aren't paying for advertising or fancy packaging.

Check out these extra large, juicy raisins that are high in fiber, rich in vitamin B, iron and potassium. 

These beautiful organic Flame Raisins are Mother Nature s jewels and one of the very best healthy snacks that your entire family will enjoy. Sun splashed and sun kissed these organic flame raisins are harvested with great care and served to you with the knowledge that these glistening jewels are an excellent treat and a healthy path for your entire family. Kosher Parve (no Dairy) and USDA Certified Organic.