PUZZLE, ASTROLOGY, eeBoo - 1000 pieces

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Theme: Spiritual / Religious Astrology
Difficulty: Advanced 
Finished Size: 28'' x 21'' 
★ Includes A Full Color Poster
★ Women-Owned Company
★ Made From 90% Recycled Board
★ Printed With Vegetable Based Inks

Surrounded by the four elements—earth, wind, fire, and air—this zodiac gives insight and assigns traits to the twelve astrology signs. Each zodiac sign represented shows its flower, bird, motto, constellation, and gem. This square horoscope reference puzzle is illustrated in vivid detail with rich colors by Anisa Makhoul.
Anisa Makhoul is a certified travel bug, which serves as a major inspiration for her works. Anisa used to design and screen-print her own line of clothing, but when her family moved to Amsterdam in 2013, she started to paint.

Does your birthday make you you?
Many people think that’s true.
Beasts and gems linked to your date
may affect your lifelong fate!
What constellation is your sign?
Can you read between the lines?