PRODUCE BAG, 100% COTTON GAUZE, PRO-801, Eco-Bags - 13 x 17 inches NATURAL

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ECOBAGS® Produce Bag-Natural Lightweight Full size Produce/Grain Bag.

Size is: 17" tall x 13" wide.

The full size is best for large items like collards, kale, broccoli, etc. You can use a twist tie to make the bag smaller. Best tip for keeping items fresh: keep veggies in the produce bag and put THAT in a plastic bag in the fridge.


Tare weight: .07 per bag~ 100% unbleached cotton.

Machine Wash Cold...Hang Dry


If you're tired of bringing home the thin plastic veggie bags, these are for you. These produce bags are made of a lightweight, natural cotton (not bleached or treated with anything) that barely weighs anything on the produce scale.