PANTY LINERS, NORMAL, WRAPPED, Organic cotton cover,18 CT

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This new organic and natural panty liner is made from certified organic cotton and renewable natural materials. Its advanced curved shape design is soft, absorbent, and breathable. Conveniently wrapped in their own paper pockets, this panty liner offers a discreet and practical solution for women wishing to carry their panty liners in their bags. These individually wrapped panty liners are totally chlorine free and do not contain any plastics, perfumes, dyes, or fragrances, making them friendly on your skin and to the environment. Natracare liners are the natural choice for women seeking a healthier option for their everyday hygiene. Using organic cotton and plant-derived materials makes Natracare panty liners soft and breathable, allowing delicate skin to breathe and stay dry. They are over 99% biodegradable and compostable. They can be used daily as a protective liner, especially if your underwear is made from modern synthetic material and you want to be sure that you have only organic cotton next to your skin. These liners are also useful for extra protection when using tampons, when travelling, or if using prescription creams.

Many gynaecologists have advised women with sensitive skin to use natracare panty liners to reduce their contact with chlorine bleaches, synthetics and superabsorbents made from petrochemicals.

Our organic cotton in certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Other Ingredients

Pad: Organic cotton, cellulose pulp, corn starch.

Glue: BPA-free synthetic rubber. 

Packaging: Wrapper - starch. Carton - Recycled cardboard.


Cotton is a natural material and some visual variations may occur.

These pads are designed to biodegrade under warm and humid conditions. To keep them in the best condition, store the packs in a cool and dry place below 25c & at a low humidity.