PANTS, Recycled Silk Trousers, India F/T - Each

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These are wide leg pants that wrap around and tie, making a flowing, skirt-like covering. There are different patterns on either side of the material, allowing for two different looks! The images with models are only to show what the trousers look like when worn. Those particular trousers are not available for sale here. Click on the options to see what we have in stock. See below for a description of both sides of the trousers.

The trousers are made with silk from recycled saris from India. One size for all, they have a very comfortable fit and a super attractive and eye catching look. When worn, they look a bit like a skirt due to the amount of fabric used, which make them look very floaty and wide. The material is pure silk and each piece is absolutely unique and unrepeatable.

The trousers are approximately 36 inches long. The level of the waist can be adjusted to fit most heights. The wrap around feature accomodates all waist sizes.


"Brown Sari" has a light brown checkered pattern with red and blue trim on one side and a darker brown pattern with small flowers and red trim at the bottom. 

"Pink Blue Sari" has large yellow flowers wih blue and pink background on one side. The other side has a light brown checkered pattern with green trim.

"Red Flower Sari" has a patterend brown background with large red flowers on one side. The other side has a black and brown checkered pattern with red accents. 

A typical sari is a fabric (Usually silk or cotton) with a length between four and nine meters and a width between one meter and one and a half meter. Stylish and modern clothes are made from recycled saris by skilled artisans. Every piece is absolutely unique and beautiful

Wash in cold water by hand or in the washing machine with a delicate cycle, preferably in a protective mesh washing bag.