OATSTRAW, CUT & SIFTED, ORGANIC green oat straw tops, Frontier - 2.19 oz (62 grams) POUCH

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Oatstraw is the green top of the oat plant, harvested when the seed is at the milky stage, before it's fully ripe. The herb is nutritive and soothing to itchy, flaky skin and is used in baths, lotions and skin washes. It also makes a comforting herbal tea. Cultivated for over 3,000 years, oats were not an intentionally cultivated grain. A happy accident, it was originally considered a weed among other crop grains. However, its tenacious nature and wide tolerance for growing conditions led to eventual appreciation. It can thrive through stretches of poor growing conditions while other crops struggle.

Frontier Co-op Oatstraw (Avena sativa) is a cereal grain that grows in temperate climates worldwide. Our oatstraw tops are picked at the best times to maintain potency, and are grown without the use of any chemicals or additives. Oatstraw is perfect for bath soaks and comforting teas, as well as lotions and cosmetics. 

Origin: United States

Botanical name: Avena sativa L.