MUG, BAMBOO FIBER TRAVEL CUP, Greener Things - 15 oz cup with lid

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DO NOT USE FOR HOT BEVERAGES! Bamboo Fiber Reusable Beverage Cups. A handy travel mug with a silicone lid. Holds 15 oz of cold beverage. Several patterns to choose from. Even though it says "coffee cup" on the packaging, they should only be used for cold drinks. Testing has shown that heat will leach out some of the chemicals in the resin and you don't want that! As long as the temperature is below 158 degrees F (70 C), there is no evidence of leaching.

Bamboo Fiber cups are made by mixing the non-GMO cornstarch with bamboo fiber to make a paste. Resin is added to harden it.  The lid is silicone. The resin makes the cups quite durable. If it gets dropped, it will probably survive. If you treat it well, it will last for years. These bamboo cups are dishwasher safe but should not be used in the microwave. They are also BPA Free.

A bamboo cup will take approximately one year to decompose in a landfill. Bamboo is a sustainable crop, they can be grown without pesticides and grow incredibly fast.  Bamboo is a plant product therefore it stores carbon and will biodegrade. They can be harvested over and over again because as a stem is cut, the plant will grow new stems to replace it.