MEMORY TILES, AMERICAN ICONS, Maple Landmark - 24 wood tiles

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12 different national symbols are depicted on this set of American Icons Memory Tiles. A little history is mixed in with play with this take on the classic Concentration game. American Icon Memory Tiles comes with 24 tiles (12 pairs) with an image on one side and the Maple Landmark logo on the other. Each tile measures 2-1/2" square by 1/8" thick and is cut from high quality birch plywood. A cloth pouch for storage and instructions are included.

Ages 3 years and up

Weight 0.44 lbs

Dimensions 10" x 5" x 0.6"

Finish - Lacquer and Ink

100% Made in USA. Maple Landmark is a family-owned Vermont company that has a very high code of ethical business practices. Read more about their business here: