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A fun and educational twist on the classic lotto game featuring vehicles, animals, vegetables, and more. Monika Forsberg's whimsical illustrations for eeBoo’s Pre-School Picture Lotto will delight children while they learn shape recognition. Can be played like bingo or as a modified memory matching game.

Ages 3 and up

6 Boards (8 picture squares and 1 free square) and 48 tiles

Box: 8¾” x1½”x8¾”

Monika Forsberg (@monika_forsberg) is the illustrator of many of our puzzles, sketchbooks, games, and more! Her favorite thing to draw is almost everything and changes day to day. She finds dogs really hard to draw, but still likes drawing them. She lives in London and finds inspiration for her flower drawings by walking down the road and looking at everyone’s gardens. Monika’s favorite colors are green, brown and pick but equally loves beige, yellow, and blue (and so on).


Can you fill your lotto card

By picking tiles? (It isn’t hard!)

Can’t use that tile? The tile’s returned,

But its location has been learned

By other players who can use it.

If they remember, the will choose it.

Be first to fill your card! You win!

Would you like to play again?