MANGOES, DICED, Organic, Woodstock, 10 oz Frozen

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WOODSTOCK Organic Frozen Mangoes will help you reach that recommended daily serving of fruit all year round! Eat them frozen or thawed – with cereal, ice cream, or in a fruit salad. How about in a smoothie?

Ingredients: Organic mangoes

Keep frozen. To Use: Use frozen or thawed, just as your would use fresh mangos. Pour out portion needed. Close bag tightly and return to freezer. Serving Suggestions: Delicious with cream, whipped cream and ice cream. Add to fruit salad. Excellent with cereals, pancakes, waffles and muffins.

USDA organic. Reverence for the land. Earth Rhythms: Farming depends on all aspects of the environment. Agriculture is an activity of cycles, all working in harmony, starting with the soil for nutrition, turning to the sun for heat and light and the moon for cycles of growth. Woodstock Farms was created to honor the inseparable relationship between the vitality of the soil, the energy of plants, the taste of ripeness and the viability of farming. Our farmers, their harvest, and your well being are the heart and soul of our commitment to you and to our place on earth. Member Organic Trade Association. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International.