LICORICE ROOT, A/F, Nature\s Answer, 2000 mg, 1 fl oz

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Licorice Root is considered a great detoxifier in China. It is one of the most used Chinese herbs in every herbalist’s cabinet making it an indispensable one in many herbal formulas. ability to harmonize with other herbs. Licorice root holds the formula together, binding it to be delivered to the body in the most effective form

Licorice root is incredible for detoxifying the body — it can remove over twelve hundred toxins. The root is included in many Chinese herbal formulas because of its ability to enhance the effects of the other herbs while also reducing negative side effects. It is recommended to take licorice root in a proper herb formula to ensure proper usage

Boost your digestive health with Licorice Root. Regular use of Licorice Root is known to boost immunity, thanks to the enzymes present in the root plant. This unique herb is a very common herb within the Chinese medical community. It targets many essential necessities to balance our bodies