KOMBU DRIED SEAWEED, PACIFIC PREMIUM, Emerald Cove - 1.76 oz (50 gr)

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Sun-dried kombu seaweed (Laminaria japonica) Non-GMO. Plastic Neutral.

Kombu, known as dasima in Korean, is one of the most popular seaweed varieties for cooking due to its rich umami flavor and versatility. Kombu is rich in glutamic acid, as can often be seen by the fine white powder on the kelp strips.
Common in many Japanese dishes such as miso soup and seaweed salad. Kombu is also the sea vegetable traditionally used in Japan to make dashi broth.
Add Kombu to dried beans when cooking to enhance both the flavors and texture as well as decrease the cooking time. Add a small piece of kombu to your rice cooking water for added flavor.
Emerald Cove Kombu comes in dry brown strips, perfect for creating flakes, seaweed salad mix, snacks, granules or powder. Roast in a dry skillet over medium heat until crisp, and crumble for umami sprinkles.