ICE CREAM, VANILLA BEAN, Local Mass SoCo - single serving 4.2 oz *SALE* Reg. $2.49

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Bst by 2/2024. Delicious ice cream, hand crafted in Great Barrington MA with milk from a family dairy in Vermont.

Classic vanilla with bean specks for extra flavor. Perfect In a single-serve cup.

Ingredients: Milk, cream, sugar, skim milk powder, Madagascar vanilla, vanilla bean specks, less than .3% organic stabilizer (gaur gum and carob gum).

Founded in 2004 as a scoop shop in downtown Great Barrington, SoCo makes super-premium ice cream and sorbet for you. Treat yourself to the delicious joys of SoCo.  

We source all our dairy from a fourth-generation family farm in Vermont, make our own inclusions (cookie dough, brownies, caramel) from scratch in our own kitchen, and use great ingredients, whether it is local blueberries or real vanilla plucked from orchids halfway around the world.

When you eat SoCo you enjoy an old-fashioned treat made with traditional New England values.

Our store is wildly popular in the summer and consistently wins awards as best ice cream scoop shop in western and central Massachusetts, and is often included in Top Ten lists for the state.