HEART, Crystal Quartz Heart Shaped Stone, Rock Paradise - 1 Small (15-40 gr)

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1 (ONE) Crystal Quartz Heart Shaped Stone - Between 15 and 40 grams weight.

One of the most popular stones, Crystal or Clear quartz is a transparent and colorless mineral made of silicon and oxygen. In feng shui, clear quartz is good for strengthening the effect of other stones. Other clear quartz benefits include purifying energy, enhancing mental clarity and aiding in manifestation.  To harness this crystal’s protective energy as you are moving through your day, carry this crystal quartz heart in your pocket or your purse.

STOCK PHOTO. Each stone will vary slightly in size and characteristics. Each stone is hand carved one by one, so they will vary slightly. Stone may have little cracks or marring but these are a natural part of the stone.

Perfect for wire wrapping, display, collecting, chakra balancing, reiki, feng shui, to carry in your pocket.... Great addition to a collection or to give as a gift.

Made in Brazil