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Organic He Shou Wu / Fo-Ti / Polygonum Multiflorum Pure raw Chinese herb powder

USDA ORGANIC high potency / high purity / high quality

LAB TESTED Chinese Herb Powder - Mix in Tea, Shakes, Smoothies, Supplements or Anything

SUSTAINABLY Sourced and cultivated

Polygonum multiflorum. Origin China.

Daily serving size 1/8 tsp (1 g) May cause diarrhea if you consume too much.

This herb is great for immunity and longevity and overall health of your body. Some use it for more serious conditions and you should research yourself if you want to use this herb beyond its Immune boosting, longevity, and virility (men and women) effects.

How to Use

100% Raw Fo Ti is traditionally made into a tea to drink. Simply add the powder to a tea strainer, add hot water and steep (remove the powder) and drink.

He Shou Wu is very rich and has a rather tough taste for beginners into herbalism. Feel free to sweeten or mix in honey.

Additionally you can add it to a smoothie, protein shake, sprinkle on food, or put in capsules.

Dimmak Herbs is a San Diego, California based supplier and manufacture of premium herbal remedies and all-natural supplements. We use our extensive knowledge of Herbal Medicine, and combine it with lab tested herbs to produce the highest quality and most effective herbal supplements available. Made in the US, we source our own ingredients to ensure a strict level of quality control, while providing our customers with 100% transparency. Never any chemicals used or preservatives!